Tatia intermedia

Price: $8.00

Size: 1 1/2"+

As adults these fish reach a size of 4 3/4" in the aquarium. These are an easy to care for woodcat which makes them great for first time woodcat owners. These catfish prefer a pH of 6.0 to 7.5 and temperature of 69-76 degrees. The males have a modified anal fin with the first and second ray are thickened almost reminding you of a gonipodium as with livebearing fish. The male fertilizes the female's eggs internally and then the female lays the eggs 24-48 hours later. The eggs are laid in a sticky material the holds the eggs in jelly like clump, it reminds you of a frog spawn. In the wild they feed on crustaceans and insects but in the aquariums we try to offer meaty frozen foods such as mysis or brine shrimps as well as bloodworms and we also offer them live black worms from time to time. They will also take a variety of dry foods such as pellet foods and other sinking foods since they prefer to eat off of the bottom of the tank. If you are looking for some thing different give these T