About FatFish Aquatic

We are a family run hatchery of corydoras aqnd loricariid type catfish south americain dwarf cichlids and rainbow fish. we have combined experence of nearly 70 years. as of this year we will have over 450 aquariums. all fish we sell are bred by us and we fhip through out the contentnal US.

We sell fish bags and other shipping supplies as well as some of the same foods that we feed. these include Repashy, Sara and our own brand of dry foods.

how to order

You can send us an order on our contact page in the message section or call us at 330-835-8411 . Once we have your order we will calculate the shipping charges and get you a total price. We can then send you a PayPal invoice or we can get credit card info from you to process a payment.

two black and white fish