Synodontis lucipinnis

Price: $6.00

Size: 1

This a rift lake catfish that comes from Lake Tanganyika in Africa. This catfish will adapt to a wide variety of water conditions including a pH of 6.5-8.5 and a temperature of 72-78 degrees. This is an easy to feed fish since they will eat literally any prepared food that you offer them. We also feed them various frozen foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp and mysis shrimp. Occasionally we offer them live black worms that they devour. Any time food is offered they attack it like a swarm of sharks. As adults these are not a big Synodontis since they only grow to a little over 3" in length. While they will swim around and hide around driftwood they seem to prefer large rocky areas that form caves that they will spend hours swimming around. If you add a group of these to your tank you will be guaranteed hours of enjoyment watching them.